Evening with the Hidden Stars

From the very beginning, ‘’Evening with the Hidden Stars” has been a hugely popular event, selling out both years and raising funds for the Stanwood-Camano YMCA. This year, the January 11, 2020 event continues to take on an even bigger role in the Stanwood and Camano Island community, as it will fundraise for our new Community Chest Grant Fund that will benefit multiple local non-profit organizations.

Community grants are extremely important for our local non-profits as a resource for funding special projects and supporting ongoing initiatives. With United Way changing the focus of its grants to a single cause, funding for many critical local programs is no longer available.

The RE/MAX Community Grant Chest Fund will help fill that gap in the Stanwood, Camano Island area. The fund will be administered by the Stanwood Camano Area Foundation (SCAF) and accepts grant applications yearly.

Just some of the types of programs that can be funded through a community chest grant fund are:

  • School supplies and programming support for low-income children
  • Senior informative educational classes
  • Medical assistance for uninsured
  • Support therapy for the disabled
  • Economic development to bring business to the area

These are just a few of the types of initiatives that would benefit from the Re/MAX Community Chest Grant Fund.

Through this fund, a selection committee will consider applications that support any non-profit organizations in the Stanwood and Camano Island geographic footprint that need our help. But we cannot do it without your support and help to raise the money that is needed. In addition to your donation helping our community, your business will be recognized and promoted to our attendees.

This initiative is all about “Neighbors helping neighbors!” Thank you so much for your consideration and all you do to make Stanwood and Camano Island a great place to live.